Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Boy, Used an Alias in Texas, Says Hotel Clerk

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TEMPE, Ariz. Elizabeth Johnson, an Arizona mother who is refusing to help police find her missing 8-month-old baby, may have been using multiple names and a fake driver's license while on a strange road trip that took her from Tempe to San Antonio to Miami.

When police finally picked her up Dec. 30, 2009 in Miami, little Gabriel Johnson was nowhere to be found. Elizabeth Johnson, 23, told police she gave the child away to strangers in San Antonio, where her car was found, but she also sent the baby's father Logan McQueary, a text message saying she had killed the baby.

CNN's Nancy Grace is reporting that a hotel clerk at a San Antonio hotel where Elizabeth Johnson allegedly stayed told police that she checked in with a fake Texas driver's license and was carrying an infant car seat, but kept it pointed away from the clerk so they couldn't see if there was a baby.

Court documents have also revealed that the second man Elizabeth Johnson named as the possible father of Gabriel Johnson, Craig Cherry, is actually the cousin of Tammi Smith, the woman who Elizabeth claims wanted to adopt little Gabriel. Cherry told investigators that he had never met Elizabeth Johnson and doesn't know why she would name him in the documents, according to CNN.

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