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Elephant seal gets busted trying to sneak onto boat, on The Feed!

Elephant seal gets busted trying to sneak ont... 01:20

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a seal caught in the act and a complicated machine created by a manufacturing giant.

In this video posted by PowerboatTrainingUK's channel, members of the British Antarctic Survey, a world leader in polar research, discover a massive elephant seal sneaking onto their boat. The boat is a rigid inflatable -- built to cope with rough seas. So, despite the animal's massive size, it'd be hard from him to flipper over.

A search of "Rube Goldberg machines" on YouTube will yield some eye-popping results. But, few of the chain reactions are built as impressive as this one from manufacturing giant 3M. All of the mechanism's twists and turns are infused with the company's products -- everything from welding helmets to Post-it notes.

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