As Election Day looms, Clinton preaches message of unity

The CBS News Battleground Tracker shows Donald Trump picking up more voters who waited until now to decide. Forty-eight percent of people who say they made up their minds in the last two weeks plan to vote for Trump, while 35 percent say they’ll vote for Clinton.  

Clinton will spend this last day campaigning in Pennsylvania and Michigan, closing things out with a midnight rally in North Carolina, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes.

Aides say it will be difficult to undo all the damage from the FBI drama. In Florida, for instance, six million people have already voted. Still, they say they are very confident in their closing strategy.

Clinton is spending her final days on the campaign preaching a message of unity.

“Let us have faith in each other,” Clinton said at a black church in Philadelphia.

She also campaigned at a New Hampshire rally with Muslim Gold Star father Khizr Khan who criticized Trump at the Democratic National Convention and drew fire in return.

“On Tuesday we are going to prove America belongs to all of us,” Khan said at the Manchester rally.

“We have to heal this country,” Clinton said.

Over the weekend, Clinton used star power to drive voter enthusiasm, campaigning with enough performers to fill a music festival. Her campaign’s get-out-the-vote effort kicked into high gear on Saturday.

Campaign officials believe their superior ground game could be worth two to four points in hard-fought states like North Carolina and Florida. Still, aides admit, Iowa and Ohio will be tough, even with the royal approval of king LeBron James in Cleveland.

“This woman right here has the brightest future for our world,” James said.

They are more confident about Colorado, Virginia and especially Nevada, where Hispanic enthusiasm contributed to a six-point lead for Democrats in early voting.  

But early voting in Florida shows a closer margin, with Democrats and Republicans separated by just a half a percentage point. President Obama was there on Sunday.

“If we win Florida, it’s a wrap. We win Florida, it’s over,” Mr. Obama said.

The Obamas will be with the Clintons and Bruce Springsteen at a big closing rally in Philadelphia Monday night.