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Trump spends "no money" on advertising, jabs at Rubio's "sweating"

What are the 2016 presidential candidates saying on the campaign trail?

U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures as he speaks at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada October 8, 2015. REUTERS

Donald Trump has spent "literally no money" on ads:

"When you're on all Trump all the time, when you have a show and the show is Trump and then you have an ad and it's Trump, they O.D. on Trump, right? That's no good. So anyway, so I so far I've spent very little money. I've actually spent no money, I mean literally no money on advertising." --press conference in Norcross, Georgia

Trump doesn't think "soaking wet" Marco Rubio can handle Putin:

"I think Rubio is low energy, but here's the problem with Rubio: when you sweat that much.. now think of it. So you have Putin - he's sitting over here. And he's waiting to kill the stupid Americans because he's been just destroying us so badly. So he figures, and a guy walks in, and he's soaking wet and sweating. "Hello, hello, can I have some water?" And Putin's sitting there what the hell kind of stuff is this? This is not exactly a poker player here folks." --campaign rally in Norcross, Georgia

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