Editorial: Oregon's 75,000-strong Obama Rally A Big Deal

This story was written by Editorial Board, OSU Daily Barometer

A lot of talk has gone down lately about presidential candidate Barack Obama and his so-called "cult-followers."

Although we have not, in any way, endorsed one candidate over another, the staff of The Daily Barometer believes the topic deserves mentioning, especially a day before Oregon's primary election.

According to an MSNBC article, 75,000 people gathered on the waterfront in Portland yesterday to hear Obama speak.

It was the largest rally of the campaign to date, and it happened here -- yes, in Oregon.

And in the past month we have had Hillary Clinton, John McCain, former President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton campaigning in Oregon.

Regardless of your political affiliation or opinions, the Obama rally is a big deal.

When was the last time that 75,000 people gathered to get fired up about politics, in a positive way?

When was the last time thousands of teenage boys and girls who are too young to even vote turned out to a political rally?

Relating Obama's movement and supporters to a cult following is unfair.

For a long time, we have been living in a democratic country that has failed to be completely democratic.

Institutionalized racism, classism and sexism have prevented certain groups from having a voice and participating in our government through voting.

In addition, the people who do have the power to vote often choose not to, simply because it takes too much time and effort out of their "busy lives."

Perhaps this heated election will do more for this country than elect a new president.

Maybe it will light a spark in the minds and hearts of people who usually don't care for politics, and get them to speak their opinions loud and clear, whatever they may be.

Although we have said it over and over - we will say it again: don't forget to turn in your ballots this Tuesday, if you have not done so already.

Obama may inspire you to put his name on the bumper of your car, on your Facebook page or on a T-shirt.

Then again, he might make your blood boil.

Either way, having an opinion about politics and keeping your eyes and ears open to learning who may be leading our country in the next four years is going to make you a more well-rounded individual.

He may or may not get elected, but Obama's movement will probably be remembered for years and hopefully, as people remember him, they will remember to vote as well.