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Editorial: Obama The Only Sensible Choice For President

This story was written by , Daily Bruin

The Daily Bruin editorial board would like to announce its endorsement of Sen.Barack Obama for president in the upcoming election.

But really, was there any other rational choice?

In truth, very little needs to be said of Sen. John McCain or his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin. Neither candidate has provided reason to believe that a McCain/Palin administration would lead to anything constructive or different to break with the ill effects of the Bush administration.

It would be one thing to support the John McCain of the past, but his present performance has defeated whatever confidence this board once had in his abilities as a leader.

Supporting McCain means supporting an America in which abortions are illegal, marriage is archaically defined as strictly between a man and a woman, landmark supreme court decisions including that of Roe v. Wade are no longer of substantive value, the values of higher education are basically ignored and the earths climate continues to be prioritized behind the energy needs of gluttonous American slobs.

Political pundits have had a heyday discussing the lack of substance in McCain and Palins commentary on the economy.

Certainly, a candidate who does not acknowledge the severity of our economic woes should not be afforded the opportunity to make them any worse.

The only thing more frightening than allowing Sen. McCain to take office is the very real possibility that the word president might eventually be associated with his running mates name.

Palin is not qualified to be vice president. She lacks the character, experience, eloquence and integrity necessary to lead this country, especially from its current dire straits.

The last thing we need is a maverick like Gov. Palin swapping hockey-mom tales with foreign leaders.

Her platform rests on her supposed ability to relate with the general American masses, the Joe Six-pack.

Relating is one thing, but marketing this down-home, anyone can be president attitude is not White House material. We need someone who can hold their own with foreign policy and show strength.

Yes, Obama may be inexperienced, but he has the potential to learn the ropes quickly. But presidential eloquence, strength and presence are traits not so well-imparted. And frankly, the McCain/Palin administration is already tired and resorting to low jabs even alleging that Obama consorts with terrorists.

What America needs now is a leader who is willing to make sacrifices and to accept responsibility for tough decisions in order to save our economy.

We are not claiming that Obama has all of the answers.

However, he has shown himself to be a capable leader and is pushing for progressive social programs that could, if brought to fruition, greatly benefit demographics in America that have been historically underserved, including throughout the last eight years.

Historically, Democratic officials and their respective policies have had a greater degree of economic success in the United States.

But any candidate whose plan to revive our suffocating economy involves the claim, The fundamentals of our economy are strong, doesnt need to concern himself with the race for any substantive political office.

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