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Editorial: Obama Most Qualified, But Must Prove Himself

This story was written by Editorial Board, The Daily Cardinal
Last February, The Daily Cardinal editorial board endorsed U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., as the best candidate for the democratic presidential nomination. This endorsement was based heavily on Obamas charisma and electability. We believe Obama is the best overall candidate for president of the United States. However, charisma alone will not be enough to ensure success in the oval office. Below are five things Obama must accomplish to truly bring about change:

Support education, youth vote

Obama must honor the youth support chasing his coattails through the election. Making good on his proposed fully-refundable $4,000 credit to cover the expenses of college tuition, as well as additional funds for up to two thirds of a full collegiate career is the best way to do so. To make this credit and financial aid payments feasible in the near future, Obama has to stabilize an already shaky economic market. The youthespecially collegiate youthembraced and energized his campaign. He cant make them regret it.

Address the economy

Obamas candidacy focuses on the average Joe, supporting the middle and lower class, and raising taxes on those making over $250,000. However, his proposed tax hike on the upper class will likely not raise enough money to cover his proposed expenditures. Therefore, Obama has to become a practical democrat if he wins the election. Enacting the tax plan and budget from his campaign will increase federal spending by over $3 billion per year. With a national debt over $10 trillion, Obama needs to be reasonable and prioritize necessary changes.

Realistic energy policy

U.S. energy costs are rising. Instead of focusing solely on offshore drilling like his opponent, Obama can best decrease foreign dependence by pushing for available alternatives, but also allowing intermediate sourcessuch as nuclear powerto sustain the nation while other efficient and environmentally viable options are more thoroughly developed and affordable.

Intelligent foreign policy

Obamas foreign policy experience often comes into question. Amidst all of his rhetoric, Obama does not need to serve as a messiah regarding foreign policy. The best possible choice for Obama is to make the most sensible decisions in tandem with those who have improved the current strategy. More important than a timetable, or an immediate exit strategy are smart choices to separate this administrations foreign policy from previous policies.

Adhere to his rhetoric

Obama claims he wants to unite the country and reach across the aisle in Washington to promote political progress. His previous record in the senate would suggest otherwise, though. It is imperative Obama adheres to his rhetoric and serves both liberal and conservative America. This includes leaving moral issues to states and compromising with his Republican counterparts to close the massive cleavage that exists between the two parties. This country needs political cohension now more than ever, and promoting change doesnt call for opposing all Republican legislation.

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