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Editorial: Endorsement For President: Obama

This story was written by Editorial Board, Daily Northwestern

Yes, the Daily Northwestern's slate of endorsements -- from the national to local level -- skews Democratic. Evanston, Ill.,has a long history of going blue. Beyond the North Shore's liberal leanings on policy, the Republican ticket often has largely failed to present candidates with viable resources or experience. This election is no exception, with the Democrats presenting a slew of incumbents with the experience to guide us through tough times.

(UWIRE) -- Accordingly, the Daily Northwestern endorses Sen. Barack Obama for U.S. President with Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate. As a college newspaper in Obama's home state, our support may be unsurprising.

Obama has long been hailed for drawing the most enthusiasm from youth voters since President John F. Kennedy. The Illinois senator's youth and superb public speaking ability certainly help in inspiring student voters. But he also consistently delivers on the issues that matter to youth, whereas Sen. John McCain does not.

Obama's proposal to start a civil service program has the potential to energize apathetic students on college campuses like Northwestern University. The program would allow college graduates to volunteer while helping them with their debts from student loans. Serving the country would also give students an increased stake in political process.

For students entering the workforce, Obama offers the most solid economic policy. He has been unwavering in his calls for corporate oversight and in his opposition to Bush tax policy.

In contrast, McCain's economic policy -- like many of his stances -- changes regularly to whichever position will garner the most votes. McCain supporters may praise his experience, but his campaign has consistently shown that his years as a senator don't necessarily translate into good judgment. McCain the Candidate's compromises with the Republican Party have made McCain the Statesman unrecognizable. The choice of Gov. Sarah Palin was a move to appease religious conservatives and pander for votes. The move negates any experience argument and shows how far McCain is willing to compromise his values in order to win.

Obama may have less experience, but he's not afraid to seek out the knowledge he lacks, as evidenced by his VP pick, Biden, a six-term U.S. Senator. Obama brings the right policies, message and energy to move a country weary of war and economic crisis forward.

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