Edie Falco on tough times for "Nurse Jackie"

Actress Edie Falco in the "CBS This Morning" studio.
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(CBS News) - After three seasons, Jackie Peyton, of the Showtime comedy "Nurse Jackie," is finally facing up to her problems and starting to realize that everything comes with consequences.

The new season of "Nurse Jackie" opens with her going into rehab for her addiction.

"Nurse Jackie" returns for fourth season
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Edie Falco - the only woman ever to win an Emmy for lead actress in both a comedy and a drama - can relate to her character. Falco is a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for two decades.

"She's an addict," Falco said. "And people can go for long periods of time hiding that kind of behavior, covering their tracks, but it will end. It will end one way or the other. It will end hopefully well, but not always."

Falco calls addiction a subject close to her heart and she wants to portray it in a way that's true-to-life.

"You don't really think about any of it consciously," she said. "But I know it's in there. The nature of addictive behavior is so complicated and so irrational to someone who is not an addict - it makes absolutely no sense. For me, I totally get it."

One thing Falco didn't get was the final episode of "The Sopranos," which confounded many viewers because of its lack of resolution. But that didn't keep her from loving the unconventional end to the smash-hit TV show.

"I didn't understand it," she said. "I know it's good when I didn't get it. I know it's smarter than I am and that makes me very happy."