EconHealth Video 2: Competition for Attention: Historically, Pharma Marketing Totally Backwards

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Earlier this month in NYC, we had our first EconHealth seminar, which focused on online consumer health content. The first panel, after Steve Case's keynote Q&A, was

The full video, broken down into two parts, is below (RSS readers will have to click through). The full write-up of the panel is here.

Panelists: Stephanie Dolgins, VP-Women's & Lifestyle, AOL; Marjorie Martin, SVP, General Manager, Health; David Kang, SVP and Editorial Director, Rodale Interactive Services; David Kramer, CEO, Digitas Health. Moderator: Chris Schroeder, CEO and president, The HealthCentral Network.

Click on the "Browse Video List" button to view the two videos in this series. We will have other panel videos from EconHealth over the next few days...check here.

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By Rafat Ali