eBay "sale" of toddler was just a joke, Mich. babysitter tells police

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AP / file

(CBS/AP) - Is that eBay, or eBaby?

A Western Michigan woman caught apparently trying to sell her 2-year-old cousin on eBay told police it was a joke, reports the Grand Rapids Press.

19-year-old Autumn Braden from Allendale, who was watching the toddler at the time, posted a listing on the online auction and shopping site Sunday.

According to the Grand Rapids Press the post read, "an adorable child for sale can clean and hold a decent conversation very lovable but i just out grew her <3."

Police received calls about the internet posting Monday from as far as away California, says Ottawa County sheriff's Lt. Mark Bennett.

One bidder, reportedly believing the post was a hoax, notified police after the bid was accepted and led them to Braden.

Braden reportedly told the Grand Rapids Press that the posting was just to "see how eBay worked" and that it "wasn't meant to be taken seriously."

It's not known if Braden will be charged, but police say it is unlikely she actually intended to sell the child, according to the newspaper.