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E-Mail on the Palm Pre Looks Like...This

The Palm Pre is just around the corner, and for many a breathless business user, the make-or-break feature is e-mail. Will it be all clunky like in Windows Mobile (yeah, I said it), all unintuitive like on a BlackBerry (yeah, I said it), or cool and elegant like on the iPhone (what, me biased?)?

See for yourself. This 10-minute video gives you a firsthand peek at the e-mail client, from configuration to operation to options.

Looking good, huh? Gotta say, the Pre's interface really looks slick. Anyway, if you liked that, you'll love this: According to jkOnTheRun, the Pre will support multiple Exchange accounts -- something even WinMo phones don't do.

As we noted when we broke the news about the Pre's June 9 ship date, we'll have lots more Pre coverage in the weeks to come. So if you have even a passing interest in the device, stay tuned!

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