"Dude Perfect" Unveils Latest Jaw-Dropping Shot

An image taken from the latest video by "Dude Perfect." The shot was made from a church tower in Plano, Texas.
It was just over a year ago when a trick hoops shot that seemed too good to be true burned up the Internet. It was the shot-seen-'round-the-world from the third deck of Texas A&M stadium, almost 200 feet up -- and then -- nothing but net!

The guys responsible for the trick shot, who call themselves Dude Perfect, have received more than 20 million hits online thanks to their wide variety of jaw-dropping baskets.

Since their break-out a year ago, they've appeared twice on "The Early Show," most recently to debut their now-famous shot from the sky.

"Dude Perfect" on Sinking Shot from Plane
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And now they're back with perhaps their best attempt yet. Coby Cotton, Cory Cotton, Tyler Toney and Cody Jones are the guys of "Dude Perfect."

They appeared on "The Early Show" Friday to unveil their latest trick shot -- from the top of a 150-foot high cross tower on the top of the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas. The throw, according to the Dudes, was about 72 yards long -- their longest ever. It was particularly difficult, they said, because it was done in the dark.

To view the video, go to DudePerfect.com or check out the videos on YouTube (top view, bottom view).