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Drunk Woman Rear-Ends Mass. Police Chief, Says She's Sorry; Cops Say It's Her 5th DUI

Drunk Woman Rear-Ends Mass. Police Chief, Says She's Sorry
Donna Sclamo (CBS/WBZ)

WESTBOROUGH, Mass. (CBS/WBZ/AP) Driving drunk: bad.

Rear-ending the commander of the State Police while driving drunk: worse.

Police say Donna Sclamo, of Worcester, Mass., slammed into the back of Col. Marian McGovern's SUV while McGovern was waiting at a red light in nearby Shrewsbury.

Neither woman was hurt, but McGovern called for backup when she noticed that Sclamo appeared to be drunk.

Schlamo was arrested and charged with  operating under the influence, a fifth offense, and driving with a suspended license.

According to CBS affiliate WBZ, Sclamo has twice been sentenced to jail for drunken driving convictions, the last time in 1998.

At her arraignment Tuesday in Westborough District Court, she pleaded not guilty and has been ordered held on $25,000 bail.

"I am so sorry, that's all I can say," Sclamo told reporters outside court.