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Drugs Found In Home Depot Vanity

A plumber who bought a bathroom vanity from a Home Depot store for a home renovation found something else in the box: a stash of 40 pounds of marijuana and three grams of cocaine.

Authorities say the vanity was bought at a Home Depot in Chicopee, Mass., but gave few details about their probe.

"We are working on an investigation with Home Depot," said Tony Pettigrew, a spokesman for the federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

A statement for Atlanta-based Home Depot said the company was cooperating with investigators. The company declined further comment.

Southwick Detective Lt. David Ricardi said at least one other vanity containing a drug stash had been discovered in Massachusetts, though he declined to say where.

Ricardi said the plumber discovered the drugs in Southwick on Monday after he bought the vanity. The man noticed the vanity top had not been included in the package and instead found two plastic bags containing the drugs stuffed inside.

"This would be classified as a smuggling operation," Ricardi said. "Someone was expecting something on one end of the line, and it didn't make it."

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