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Dropbox for Teams is courting businesses


(CBS) - The file-sharing company Dropbox is trying to get businesses to use its new service.

Dropbox for Teams launched today with a splash, considering it's not a mass consumer product.

So what is it?

Dropbox is an easy file-sharing service. Users install a folder on their computer that is accessible in the cloud. You can invite people to share you folder. Then all members can drag and drop files into their Dropbox for sharing. The company gives each user 2  gigabytes of space for free. More storage can be bought, starting at $100 for 50GB.

The enterprise division, which launched today, starts at $795 per year for five users and 1,000GB of storage. That breaks down to about $159 and 200GB per person.

Dropbox's strategy is part of a larger trend in technology: taking consumer products and packaging them for enterprise.

Take Google apps for business, for instance. Gmail, Google calendar and documents were aimed at consumers before, becoming a popular business tools.

Another tech movement Dropbox is part of is cloud computing. A lot of noise has been made recently of iCloud and Amazon's cloud storage. Considering Dropbox has been in the game since 2008, the company is definitely a trail blazer.

This is good news for worker bees that yearn for software that just works.

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