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Drones. Drones. Drones. Pilotless Airplanes.

If you are a reader of the Public Eye comments section, you might have noted that some commenters tend to get very … fired up, let's say, about certain issues. That type of enthusiasm (and typically colorful use of the English language) sometimes tends to be the case when it comes to communication between news outlets and their audiences.

In the interest of such interactivity, The San Francisco Chronicle has unveiled a new feature in which the paper highlights some of the comments that readers make – via voicemail – that don't make it into the paper as letters to the editor. It's called, "Correct Me If I'm Wrong...".

And in one of the feature's first editions, the paper has a little fun.

One recent submission was an example of such a fired up commenter, who took issue with the paper's use of the phrase "pilotless drones" in a photo caption. He's quite miffed about it, actually. You can listen to it here.

Someone else, upon hearing that reader's complaint, took issue with the complaint itself in another voicemail.

Then someone went to YouTube and slapped together a music video looping some choice phrases from the original complaint. Someone else chose clips from the complaint and turned them into ring tones. And now, we're blogging about it.

As you'll see, politicians are not the only ones whose virally distributed inappropriate statements can come back to haunt them.

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