Driver fleeing police dies in fiery crash after car flies from bridge, explodes

A driver fleeing Houston police died after his car hit a wall, flew over a bridge, and exploded in the bayou


HOUSTON  - The driver of a speeding car being chased by Houston police has been killed after his car caught fire, hit a highway railing over a bridge and crashed into a bayou before exploding.


Police respond to the scene in Houston where a driver fleeing cops died in a fiery crash.


Houston police say that the pursuit began late Tuesday night and lasted for 5 minutes before the fleeing driver hit a rail and flew 15 feet into the air, catapulting off the bridge into the bayou below. The car was reportedly already on fire when it landed, and exploded as police waded into the water to try and rescue the driver.

Police say the driver, who may have been intoxicated, sped through traffic signals and stop signs and ran other cars off the road during the 8-mile-long chase Tuesday night. The name of the driver has not yet been released, but he is believed to be a male in his 30s.