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Dramatic conclusion: Men reenacting dressing a toddler

(CBS News) Finally, the long awaited continuation of the war between Coco and her father (Convos With My 2-Year-Old creator, Matthew Clarke) over the dreadful putting on of the red pants. Will Coco (played here by David Milchard) ever wear pants again? Will the dreaded hurty tag scratch Coco's delicate skin? Will Coco drive her father to drink something stronger than water out of a sippy cup? Get answers to these epic questions and more in the "stunning conclusion" of "The Pants - Part II" video above posted by Warmland Films.

And the winner is...Dad! But only by the seat of those little red pants. And props to Clarke for not only winning this round, but for upping the production value for episode 7. With every post, Coco, Milchard and Clarke not only get funnier, but the quality of their mini-sagas gets better and better. I loved catching a glimpse of Coco's mama finally. And I can never get enough of seeing the actual adorable Coco, especially as she happily (and slightly smugly) walked off with her mom like it was no big deal. Ahh, poor Clarke, though I can't wait to see the next round of 2-year-old drama that he must endure!

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