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The challenges of dressing a toddler reenacted by grown men

(CBS News) Getting a toddler dressed sucks. I do it. I do it daily. It's painful (both literally and figuratively) and it's annoying. But it's also quite funny. The bigger they get, the harder it gets, and the more creatively obstinate they get. And as Convos With My 2-Year-Old creator, Matthew Clarke so accurately demonstrates (with a help from his pal David Milchard) in his latest ConvosWith2YrOld installment, the simplest thing like putting on a pair of pants can turn into a battle of patience and ridiculousness. Check out this hilariously frustrating reenactment of the battle of pants in the video above that actually happened between Clarke and his daughter Coco.

I seriously can't get enough of these guys, and of course cute little Coco (as evidenced by The Feed's dedication to their videos). I hope they never stop making them. And I can't wait to find out, who wins the battle of the red pants, which is dramatically teased with "To Be Continued...". Will Coco go pantsless or will cooler heads prevail and the red pants actually go on? My bet is on Coco and her free-wheelin' legs!

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