Download Netbook-Ready Movies at Film Fresh

Last Updated Aug 26, 2009 8:17 PM EDT

If you want to watch movies on your netbook, you've got two basic choices: iTunes and the new Film Fresh movie-download service.

Though Film Fresh doesn't specifically cater to netbook users (any Windows or Mac system will do), it does solve the problem of netbooks' lack of DVD drives. Better still, it's legal.

The service runs on DivX, meaning you'll need to install the DivX software (which most video-savvy users already have anyway). That's a lot less system-intensive than iTunes, though I can't say I've done side-by-side tests of the video performance of each.

Still, Film Fresh seems like an ideal download-and-go service for any portable PC-carrying traveler. Except for one thing: the prices.

Most movies cost $9.99, but some, like Watchmen, run as high as $15.99. Granted, you're purchasing the movie, not renting it, so you get to keep it and watch it forever, but those prices are just silly.

Given that Film Fresh is one of the first (if not only) legitimate movie-download services outside of iTunes, I'm thinking it'll be a big hit -- especially given its debut movie selection, which is smallish (about 600 titles) but impressive (Superbad, The Godfather, Iron Man, etc.).

Hopefully, as it grows, prices will shrink. There's just no reason School of Rock, a six-year-old movie, should cost $9.99. Agree? Disagree? The comments await. [via Lifehacker]

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