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Download Internet Explorer 8, Help Fight Hunger

If you haven't tried Internet Explorer 8 yet, I've got two reasons you should. First, it rocks. Second, for every IE8 download, Microsoft will donate 8 meals' worth of food to local food banks.

Heard enough? Then head straight to the Browser for the Better site and download IE8. If you want to learn more about the program -- and watch an amusing video about the browser -- read on.

I learned about the Browser for the Better campaign at Microsoft's Windows Experience Blog. Here's an excerpt that explains the idea:

Turns out that during the school year, over 17 million U.S. children receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunches at their schools. But once the school year is ends and summer begins, these children no longer receive this benefit, as they are no longer in school until the fall. In response, we are joining forces with Feeding America to help these children this summer.

For every completed download of Internet Explorer 8 through the Browser for the Better Web site, we will donate the financial equivalent of 8 meals to Feeding America's network of 206 local food banks. These food banks supply food to more than 25 million Americans each year! The Browser for the Better campaign starts today and will run through Aug. 8, 2009.

Needless to say, it's a very worthy cause. And while I haven't abandoned Firefox for it, I will say that I use IE8 a lot more than I used IE7 -- and I like it a whole lot better. (Web Slices are awesome, and the security features are top-notch.)

So get downloading. Tell a friend. Tell your co-workers. Then watch this fairly amusing (and surprisingly random -- what's Dean Cain doing in a Microsoft promo video?) IE8 commercial: