Double-dose of heart-stopping moments caught on tape

(CBS News) Sometimes being in a dangerous situation where you nearly meet your end and have your life flash before your eyes can end up being life-affirming. And with that in mind, consider this a very life-affirming post as we show you two videos of heart-stopping moments caught on tape.

First up is a stuntman jumping out of a helicopter at 2,400 feet without a parachute... into a pile of cardboard boxes. In case it's not obvious, do not try this at home (or anywhere for that matter).

Impressive? Sure. Dangerous? Without a doubt! The amazing spectacle was performed by 42-year-old stuntman, Gary Connery, who pulled it off without any hitches or injuries, for which we here at The Feed are very happy to hear.

And next up below we have a case of a car accident that almost turns into something much worse for one unlucky driver. All in all, two videos that should have your blood pumping and your life affirmed. And maybe have you being a bit more cautious, too.