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Don't miss the last "supermoon" of the year

Monday night is your last chance to catch a glimpse of the "supermoon" -- at least for this year.

A supermoon, or perigee moon, occurs when the full moon happens to coincide with the point in the moon's slightly oval-shaped orbit when it's closest to the Earth. On those nights, the full moon appears larger and brighter than usual -- sometimes dramatically so.

The full phase of the moon officially occurs at 9:38 p.m. EDT on Monday, Sept. 8.

It should be visible all night, weather permitting.

This will be the third supermoon of the summer of 2014. The first was July 12 and the second -- the biggest of the year -- came August 10.

The last supermoon occurred at the same time as the annual Perseid meteor shower, and the bright moon diminished views of the meteors that normally light up the night skies every August.

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