Donald Trump would have "no problem" banning lobbyists and big donors from working in his administration

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WASHINGTON (CBS News) - In an interview for Face the Nation, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump indicated that he would "have no problem" banning lobbyists and big donors from working in his administration. Trump also told Face the Nation host John Dickerson that he will continue turning down large donations, but that he intends to raise money for the Republican Party.

"I don't want the big money." Trump said in an interview taped Friday at his Beverly Hills home. "If I wanted to do a super PAC, you know, back when I started running, I could have." He said.

Trump criticized Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton for accepting large donations.

"She's in for, like, $200 million and she's still fighting Bernie. She can't close the deal because she's not a closer." He said and added, "But let me just tell you, I've spent 55 million dollars of my money and I'm very happy about it."

As the head of the Republican ticket, Donald Trump intends to fundraise for his party not for himself.

"I'm raising money for senators, for congressmen, I'm raising a lot of money. And the money's going to the RNC. It's not going to me." He said and reiterated that, "A little bit of the money comes, you know, the smaller numbers coming to me. But I'll be spending a lot of my own money and the money that comes to me is not influential money, it's small money."

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  • Tim Perry

    CBS News reporter covering the White House