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Donald Trump could announce veep pick before Republican convention

In a sudden campaign about-face, Donald Trump will now be announcing his running mate before this month's Republican convention in Cleveland, CBS News confirms.

As recently as June 21, the Trump campaign has maintained that the billionaire would be declaring his veep pick at the convention, slated to run July 18-21.

But now, the current plan is to announce late in the week before the convention, senior campaign officials told CBS News' Major Garrett.

Back in May, shortly after Trump clinched the GOP nomination, the candidate told the Associated Press of his veep pick, "I will announce it at the convention. A lot of people are interested."

Later in May, Trump told the AP again: "I do think I don't want to make a decision until the actual convention. Not even before it. I mean until it," he said.

And less than two weeks ago, on June 21, Donald Trump Jr. told ABC News in an interview that his father planned to announce his running mate at the convention.

Announcing a running mate before the convention was reportedly floated earlier.

Before he was fired by the billionaire, then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski suggested leaking Trump's veep pick as a possible solution to the candidate's recent troubles on the trail, according to a report by New York Magazine.

"Trump has long viewed announcing his running mate at the GOP convention next month as a valuable card to play," the magazine wrote, citing two sources briefed on Lewandowski's ouster. "He was shocked that Lewandowski didn't have any other ideas. Shortly after the meeting, Lewandowski was escorted out of the building by Trump security."

House Speaker Newt Gingrich and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are among those being vetted for the job.

CBS News' Major Garrett contributed to this report.

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