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Domino's Pizza to hire more than 20,000 workers

Restaurants suffer under COVID restrictions
Restaurants suffer under COVID restrictions 05:05

Domino's Pizza plans to hire more than 20,000 workers this year as the nation's largest pizza chain staffs up amid rising sales.

The company said Monday it is looking for delivery drivers, managers, customer-service reps and pie-makers, encouraging people who have lost jobs during the economic collapse that followed the coronavirus pandemic to apply. Domino's also said its suppliers are hiring for production and warehouse positions. 

"We realize that these are tough times, and not only do we want to maintain strong service levels, but we also want to provide opportunities to those who have lost their jobs or are facing reduced hours," Domino's executive vice president of operations Tom Curtis said in a statement, adding that the company offers steady income and flexible hours. 

Because of its emphasis on food delivery, Domino's did not close when COVID-19 began to spread nationwide in March. Rather, the company closed in-store seating, required employees to wear masks and increased how frequently workers sanitized stores.

Domino's said orders are growing during the pandemic as Americans continue hunkering down at home. The company's revenues have continued to climb even as the economy sags, reaching $920 million in the second quarter and topping Wall Street forecasts.

What do July's lagging job gains mean? 03:29

Other restaurant chains have also been on a hiring spree at a time when U.S. unemployment exceeds 10%, with some 30 million Americans unemployed.

Rival pizza-maker Papa John's is recruiting thousands of new workers, while McDonald's said in June that it needs about 260,000 employees to staff its locations over the summer. Chipotle Mexican Grill said last month that it's looking to hire 10,000 workers, including part-time employees and salaried managers. Coffee-and-donut chain Dunkin' plans to add as many as 25,000 counter workers and managers.

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