Dogs in slow-motion with heads out of car windows redux

A scene from Keith Hopkin's video "Dogs in Cars: California," a slow-motion celebration of canines in automobiles.

(CBS News) Back in December we showed you a very cute video of dogs sticking their heads out of car windows in slow-motion. Well, the creator of that video has decided to do a follow-up to it with a "California" twist this time. Spoiler: it's just as adorable as before.

The Vimeo video was made by Keith Hopkin, who actually has a website devoted to dogs with cars out of windows. I'm thinking he either really likes dogs or slow-motion stuff out of windows, but we're by no means complaining because we really like his work. Great job, again, Keith! And to check out more work by Keith Hopkin, you can visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.