Dog Sitters Sued for $1M After French Bulldog Dies, Says Report

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Dog Sitters Sued for $1M After French Bulldog Dies, Says Report
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NEW YORK (CBS) A New York couple whose dog died has reportedly filed a $1 million lawsuit against a Queens-based pet sitting agency, Doggie Love, after the couple returned home to find their dog unresponsive on their apartment floor.

Laura Garner and Robert Hardon left their 5-year-old French Bulldog named Percy - who they adored - under Doggie Love's care for one night in July 2009, reported The New York Post.

According the lawsuit, a Doggie Love employee drove the couple's French Bulldog to their apartment in an overheated van. Once the employee arrived at the couple's Upper West Side apartment, the lawsuit says that concerned onlookers offered to give the obviously ailing dog water or medical attention, but the employee declined and instead dropped the heat exhausted pooch off inside the couple's empty apartment, the suit said.

Percy was found dead a few hours later sprawled out in front of an air conditioner, said The Post.

"The emptiness that has been left by Percy's death and the anguish we suffered has not and will never be filled or go away," the grieving couple said.

Though their love for Percy is irreplaceable, the couple wants Doggie Love to fork over $1 million for their loss.

How does Doggie Love feel about allegedly losing someone's pet under their watchful eye?

According to the suit, Doggie Love owner Nilo Mathais told the couple that "sometimes, dogs just die."