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Dog helps man propose (with canine tricks bonus)

(CBS News) Dogs are often referred to as "man's best friend." And in the video above, the phrase gets a more literal interpretation when an adorable pooch helps one man "pop the big question" to his girlfriend. Click play and get ready to say something all together.

Awwww...!! The video entitled "John proposing to Sarah (with Spud)" was posted on YouTube by MickDeLux, and though no context is given, we at The Feed would like to wish John and Sarah the very best on their future nuptials. (And are so happy Spud didn't eat the ring!

And as a bonus, since we're on the subject of cute canines, watch below in this YouTube video from MyFavoritePupJasmine as her (probably favorite) pup, Jasmine, performs a series of 45 different tricks. Who's a good boy and girl? You are, Spud and Jasmine!

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