Dodgers owners finally settle terms of divorce

Frank and Jamie McCourt.

For nearly two years, a bitter divorce battle between Frank and Jamie McCourt over ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers has put the future of the ball club in doubt.

But, as CBS News Correspondent Ben Tracy reported on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning," the couple's announcement on Friday that they've settled the terms of their divorce may give the franchise some direction.

A judge will determine who owns the team which the couple bought back in 2004. The couple has been married for nearly 30 years.

Jamie McCourt said the most important thing for her is resolution.

She said, "It's the most important thing for my kids, and certainly the fans, certainly baseball."

But that resolution hinges on Major League Baseball approving the Dodgers' new long-term TV contract with Fox, reportedly worth $3 billion.

If a judge decides Frank is the sole owner of the team, he agrees to pay his ex-wife $100 million. She also gets their homes.

If they both own the team, they split the assets 50-50. The judge decides in a one-day trial on August 4.

CBS News Legal Analyst Lisa Bloom said of the case, "The fact that they got the judge's signature to agree to hold one more day of trial to resolve this final issue shows me that everyone is trying very hard to complete this and to be done with it."

Dodgers fans, Tracy said, simply want the focus back on the field, but it may be over soon now that the McCourts are finally playing ball.