Doctor arrested, helped colleagues outsmart hospital's punch-in clock, report says

Close up of man crossing fingers behind back.
A doctor in Brazil reportedly used "fake fingers" - which produced fake finger prints - to fool his hospital about the hours he and about 30 colleagues were logging.
Blend Images via AP Images
(CBS/AP) RIO DE JANEIRO - The Brazilian newspaper O Globo is reporting that a doctor in Sao Paulo was arrested after being caught in the act of using fake fingers to fool the hospital where he works that she's there overnight when she's really not.

Doctor Thauane Nunes Ferreira allegedly used the same trick on behalf of 11 other doctors and 20 nurses to pretend they were all working five overnight shifts each month, instead of just one.

The ruse?

According to the newspaper Ferreira used phony fingers made of silicone and imprinted with real finger prints to defraud the hospital's biometric punch-in clock. The doctor is said to have confessed, and also said the staff at the Ferraz Vasconcelos Hospital paid the director $2,400 per month to participate in the scheme.

Ferreira was detained and released Sunday. She'll face charges of falsifying a public document and could get two to six years in prison.