Divers "rescue" inflatable doll from sea

An inflatable Howard Stern floats on the Mediterranean Sea as part of the promotion for "Private Parts," which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival May 12, 1997.
Inflatable doll costume
(CBS/AP) ISTANBUL - When a woman's body was spotted floating in the Black Sea off the northern Turkey coast, panicked residents reported the sighting to police. A stretch of beach was cordoned off, and a team of divers was dispatched for a potential rescue, the Milliyet newspaper reported on Sunday.

What they "rescued" was an inflatable sex doll.

The divers quickly discovered the apparent drowning woman was in fact a blow-up doll, which they promptly deflated before throwing it in the garbage, the newspaper said.

It's not clear where the inflatable toy had came from. The Black Sea is a prime tourism destination for Turks and also host to international shipping traffic.

The whole thing is a little deflating.