Divers find bodies of 2 boys who drowned in canal

MARICOPA, Ariz. - Authorities say they've recovered the bodies of two young brothers from the water of an irrigation canal 30 miles south of Phoenix.

Pinal County authorities identified the boys late Monday as 6-year-old Calib Ontario Love and 10-year-old Anthony Michael Love. A third brother, 10-year-old Emmanuel Stower, survived.

Authorities say 6-year-old Calib apparently fell into the canal in Maricopa Sunday afternoon and his two brothers slid down the steep embankment to save him.

The boys didn't know how to swim, but Emmanuel was able to make it out of the canal and run home to get help.

They boy who fell in reportedly had special needs.

Divers found the boys Sunday evening near where they had slipped into the water. Police had originally thought they had washed several hundred yards downstream to a grate.