Divers compete off cliff in Athens, Greece

Divers compete off cliff in Athens, Greece

(CBS/Reuters) A sunken lake, spectators and Speedos - all you need to put on a cliff-diving, world series event.

Well, that and world class divers vying for the top spot.

Britain's Gary Hunt came in as the underdog, ranked 10th after a disappointing first day.

But he knew what he had to do - a triple quad, the hardest dive of the day. And I would think frightening for the scuba divers below. He came pretty close.

Russia's Artem Silchenko was forced to step up his game with a daring plunge - a reverse triple somersault with three twists.

But it wasn't good enough to unseat the Brit - who came in first with Silchenko in second, and Czech Republic diver Michal Navratil in third.

The next stop of the series will be on June 18th in La Rochelle, France.