Display a Live Web Page in PowerPoint

Last Updated Jun 14, 2010 8:05 PM EDT

In virtually every PowerPoint presentation I deliver, I need to show at least one Web page. Usually, I include a link to the page on a slide, which then takes me out of PowerPoint and into a browser. Later, I need to clumsily navigate my way back into PowerPoint to pick up where I left off. If only PowerPoint had the ability to display a live version of a Web page, right in a slide.

Now it does, thanks to a free add-in.

I'm not talking about some static screenshot of a Web page, either. LiveWeb inserts any Web page into your PowerPoint deck, so you get the latest version of the page when you deliver your presentation. Not only that, all the links are live, videos play... everything you'd expect a real Web page to do.

This add-in is exactly what I've been looking for -- it brings the Internet into PowerPoint, so there's no need to ever switch from your slideshow to a Web browser again. It works in virtually every version of PowerPoint, from 97 through 2010, and it's free.