Dispatch From the Files of a White Supremacist

Jason "Skin" Hawthorne
"You kill one, you mite [sic] as well kill them all cause what difference does it make. Why leave a living witness?" Jason "Skin" Hawthorne writes to a newly recruited white supremacist in a letter obtained by CBS News.

The undercover Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) agent who infiltrated the white supremacist group in a two and a half year operation told CBS News that what surprised him most about the group was their "constant talk of violent activity."

In the letter written while he sat in a Nebraska jail awaiting trial, Hawthorne gives the new recruit 15 phone numbers of people on the outside who he says are willing to provide the new recruit with "pills, guns, weed, stolen cars...checks, robberys [sic], stick ups, stolen cigarettes..."

Hawthorne tells the "fresh cut" how to engineer Hawthorne's escape. He says when he is brought to the courthouse for his hearing, his fellow gang members should drive a van into the vehicle that will be transporting him so he can get loose from the guards. "It's almost better," he writes, "'cause I'm already outside and only two marshals, old guys. Plus their guns will be in the lockbox."

"Standing Up" to Some Questions in Omaha

Hawthorne peppers the letter with references to the group's shared ideology, describing what he has in common with fellow gang members including his girlfriend: "Both our grandparents were in Hitler's Nazi youth. Those are the only girls I will have kids with. Our bloodline goes back 120 years..."

Hawthorne also writes about how the sour economy is an effective recruitment tool, explaining, "F--k the jobs, it gets you no were [sic], just so pissed off. If everything goes rite [sic] you can be a major part of this, 'cause your word will be 'Gold'...The country is going to get worse from $ and jobs, trading. It's going to be chaos everywhere."

The full story of the ATF takedown of Jason Hawthorne and his fellow gang members will be on tonight's CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.