Disappearing WiFi, Apple Gets Poor 'Green' Grade, Friday Odds & Ends

Tapping into the wi-fi feature on an iPhone can be handy, and definitely faster than the current AT&T EDGE network allows. But now users are wondering what the deal is after AT&T first told subscribers that all AT&T public wi-fi hotspots could be accessed for free, then apparently removing any trace of the offer from its Web sites. Has anyone else experienced this? In other Apple news, a report looking at the "greenness" of various tech companies gave Steve Jobs' company low marks for greenhouse gas emissions. The ClimateCounts survey put Apple at the back of the pack, well behind firms like IBM, Canon and Toshiba, which finished at the top. For more, check out the story here. This particular survey aside, does the "green practices" of a tech company have any bearing on your purchases? Worth thinking about.

We've all heard about "GTAIV"'s release last week, and the sales numbers seem to be breaking all records. At last count, total revenues have exceeded $500 million, with even the single-day record set by "Halo 3" being shattered. But if you're looking for something that still involves smashing things without all the "M-rated" violence, it's worth checking out Steven Spielberg's collaboration with EA on "Boom Blox." It's amazingly inventive and immersive, and actually quite addictive. I had a chance to play it a couple months back and it really caught me by surprise.

In other news -- scientists have mapped the genetic makeup of the platypus, which actually has ramifications for understanding how us humans evolved, and the countdown continues for the super cool (and rather expensive) Phoenix Mars Lander. Just a little more than two weeks! Finally, I'll be attending the Berkman Future of the Internet conference at Harvard next Friday and supplying CBSNews.com with interviews, photos and video of the event. The following week I'll be at the Ziff Davis Electronic Gaming Summit, and I hope to provide some insights from there, too. In the meantime, stay connected!