Digg CEO: Read My Lips: Not For Sale

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Digg says it is not for sale anymore. Really? How many times have we heard that one before? With a $29 million round recently, that was all but decided then. But wait till the next time someone floats a trial balloon through Techcrunch. For now, as no one comes forward to buy it at the valuations the company hoped for (that's the reality of it), four-year-old startup will dial back some of its expansion plans, instead prioritizing projects that generate revenue and profit, says the BW story.

Among some of the new "focused" projects: ads in its RSS feeds; it is launching a revamped version of its own search engine for more targeted search ads; and it is within a month of closing a deal with a mobile ad provider to sell more mobile ads. On the more important revenue side, Digg tripled revenues in September over the last year. In 2009, CEO Jay Adelson expects "another tripling if not more." Am I mistaken or all I see on Digg are ad network ads? To scale from there will be tough in this market

By Rafat Ali