Did Kardashian turn a profit on her wedding?

When reality TV star Kim Kardashian and New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries tied the knot in a star-studded ceremony at an estate in Montecito, Calif. this weekend, it was all about the Benjamins. And while most couples end up in debt, this couple may have been seeing green.

The thirty year-old-bride was flawless in a strapless Vera Wang gown. A tight bodice and full tool skirt accented her waist. A head piece of diamonds dripping on her forehead and an epic train.

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"Entertainment Tonight" got exclusive video inside the ceremony as Bruce Jenner walked Kim down the black and white aisle.

Which A-listers were in attendance? "ET" cameras spotted Dina Lohan, Brody Jenner with girlfriend Avril Lavigne and Fox News' Greta Van Susteren.

Also on hand was Serena Williams. A few rows ahead of her was Kathy Lee Gifford and then, in black, Eva Longoria and boyfriend Eduardo Cruz.

"ET's" Samantha Harris tells "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge, "I ran into Bruce Jenner here in the lobby just hours before he was supposed to walk Kim down the aisle, and he told me wasn't nervous. He figured he has a little bit of an athletic background and she should be able to get her down the aisle in one piece."

The father of the bride left for the wedding site in a black Rolls Royce, shortly after the husband of Kim sister, Khloe -- NBA player Lamar Odom -- took off eating a bag of chips.

"Well, the wedding was everything you'd expect it to be," Gifford gushed. "It was spectacular. It was glamorous beyond belief. And everybody was just walking around ooh'ing and ahh'ing, saying. 'This is unbelievable,' and it was. The best thing about it was little Mason (the ring bearer, son of Kim sister Kourtney) stole the ceremony."

"It's top notch, absolutely it was our American Royal Wedding," said comedian/actor George Lopez.

Kim's wedding was anything but small, private and understated.

So did it all live up to the hype as the Hollywood wedding of the year?

"Well, I know Chris Jenner and the PR team put out that vibe, and they didn't disappoint," E!'s Harris said. "It was elaborate, it was lavish, it had 440 guests, so definitely small by no means - and had a smattering of celebrity throughout."

They're expected to rake in $18 million by selling off the TV and the photo rights. Is that an accurate number?

"Rumors are definitely flying out there, and millions and millions of dollars are being talked about. Now, most people go into debt after a wedding. I think it is safe to say the Kardashians will end up in the plus column to some degree," she adds.

What did Harris think about the ceremony itself, all of the stars and celebrities who showed up, the pomp, the circumstance, the TV coverage -- was it a little bit much?

"It definitely was everything that the Kardashians wanted it to be, in the sense that they wanted it to be part of American craziness and focus," she said. "Everyone was really excited to see what Kim would look like, just like they were for Kate Middleton. Of course, early on, Kim said she wanted this to be her royal wedding. That was sort of the language put out by the Jenner/Kardashian PR machine, and became the reality as everyone talked it up. Whether or not it was on the par of the royal wedding, come on, they're not royalty, but...

"Wait, they're not royalty? Wait a second," Wragge joked.

"I know, I know this comes as a shock. But you no know what? They are a part of the American culture. The Kardashians are loved by so many; audiences have been taken by them as they have invited audiences into their home through their reality show, through weddings, births, and so they definitely did come through on this. Three costume changes of sorts with Kim in all her gowns."

The Kardashians really pulled out all the stops - even Earth, Wind and Fire was the band playing.

E! is making Kim's wedding into a 4-hour, 2 night special called "Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event," which is set for 8 p.m. ET/PT Oct. 9, with the second part at 9 p.m. ET/PT Oct. 10.