Detroit's Tunnel Vision

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AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito
An other-worldly place promises to "transport" you in the latest CBS News Sunday Morning Spotlight.

At the Detroit airport's McNamara Terminal, the new passenger tunnel is an elevating experience.

The colorful corridor has sculpted glass walls, fabric ceilings and 400,000 computer-generated lights. Architect David King calls it a "non-tunnel."

"By that I mean that a tunnel where instead of feeling you are on the ground, you actually could imagine yourself in a completely different environment," King says.

From sunrise to sunset, the light and sound show is designed to help move hurried travelers from Concourse A to Concourse B a little more calmly.

"It's soothing," King explains. "The light level is not overly bright. Oftentimes in the U.S. we over-light our spaces, and it makes you uncomfortable. We are trying to alleviate that sense of stress."

The travelers Sunday Morning spoke to described the tunnel as a five minute yoga session, futuristic and beautiful.

It is tunnel vision in Detroit.