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Detroit community unites to track down predator

DETROIT -- Members of one Detroit community went door-to-door on Memorial Day in an effort to help police track down a suspect in two attempted abductions, reports CBS Detroit.

The suspect is also accused of exposing himself to young girls on two separate occasions on the city's west side.

"We cannot allow our children to be terrorized," Malik Shabazz, a community activist, told the station. "We have terrorism right here when children -- when little girls -- cannot go to school in peace. We have a problem."

Shabazz said that by going door-to-door, citizens can help spread awareness about the incidents so others can be on the lookout.

"We want to alert the public that there are predators preying on our children," Shabazz said. "We don't want any young girls alone -- travel in groups, everybody get a whistle and keep a whistle around your neck."

"We're looking for people to help us -- metro Detroiters -- to join on board to help us, to clean up Detroit," Shabazz continued. "As Detroit goes, Wayne County goes. As Detroit goes, Michigan goes. So we all should have skin in this game."