Derrion Albert Beating Death: Three Killers Still on the Loose

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Photo: Video screen capture shows beating death of Derrion Albert.

CHICAGO (CBS/AP) Authorities hope a $6,000 reward will be enough incentive to lead to the capture of three more suspects in the beating death of 16-year old honor student Derrion Albert.

Photos: Derrion Albert Beating Death Video
Four teens have already been charged with murder for the vicious attack on Albert last Thursday, after the sophomore left the Christian Fenger Academy High School.

Cell phone video footage shows a group of teens kicking and striking Albert with splintered railroad ties. The killing occurred amid escalating violence between groups of feuding students at the school.

Police and Chicago Public Schools say they're looking to prevent more violence by increasing patrols before and after classes and by offering free bus service to some students.

Area church members are also volunteering to stand on corners as students travel to and from school.

Silvonus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, Eric Carson, 16, and Eugene Bailey, 18, have been charged with first-degree murder. All four teens are being held without bond.

Photos: Derrion Albert Beating Death Video

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