Democrats To Debate In Pennsylvania

The Barack Obama campaign just sent out a press release announcing that Obama has accepted invitations to debate in Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

Earlier, the Hillary Clinton campaign sent out a release announcing the former first lady had agreed to participate in the Pennsylvania debate, which is scheduled to take place in Philadelphia on April 16th.

The North Carolina debate, which would be hosted by CBS News and moderated by Katie Couric and Bob Schieffer, is scheduled for April 19th. The location has not been determined.

"Senator Obama welcomes the opportunity to openly debate Senator Clinton on the issues important to Americans in North Carolina and Pennsylvania and hopes that she will accept these invitations as well," Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in the release.

The Clinton release stated that "Hillary is prepared to show she has real solutions for the problems facing residents of the Keystone State." No word yet from the Clinton camp on the North Carolina debate.