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Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan ends his presidential campaign

Tim Ryan drops out of 2020 presidential race
Congressman Tim Ryan drops out of 2020 presidential race 08:24

Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan ended his presidential campaign on Wednesday, leaving 18 candidates in the slowly shrinking but still quite large Democratic primary field. Ryan had emphasized his Midwestern working-class roots in his campaign, but was never able to make a dent as one of the many moderate Democrats in the race.

"I got into this race in April to really give voice to the forgotten people of our country," Ryan said in a statement. "While it didn't work out quite the way we planned, this voice will not be stifled."

In a video posted to his Twitter page, Ryan said that he will run for re-election in his House district.

Ryan raised only $889,000 in the second quarter, and was not present for the recent debates in September and October.

Before running for office, Ryan was notorious in the House for launching an ill-fated campaign to unseat Nancy Pelosi as Democratic leader in 2016. Despite his earlier opposition, Ryan voted for Pelosi to be speaker of the House in 2018.

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