Delta's SkyClub Promotion Slightly Misses the Mark

Last Updated Sep 22, 2009 11:09 AM EDT

The Delta and Northwest merger has introduced a lot of changes for the airlines' customers, and that can always be unsettling. Now it seems that Delta is trying to be proactive regarding its SkyClub airport clubs by actively courting fliers to try it out. It's a smart way to do things, but I think the execution could use some help.

A Northwest elite member reader forwarded me a note that came from Northwest inviting him to the "Be a Member for a Day" event on September 9. That day, the clubs had an open house, and I'm assuming this email went out to all the elites who had scheduled flights that day. I suppose this type of promotion makes it easier to manage, but there are a few flaws here, as this reader pointed out.

  • The travelers who take advantage of this promo aren't going to have a true club experience, because it's treated like an open house. There will be a lot more visitors than usual, and I would bet that the club was staffed up to deal with it. It's not an accurate portrayal of daily club life.
  • This promo misses out on all the elites who aren't traveling that day.
Clearly, a more targeted effort would be more effective. Instead of having an event, Delta should simply send out one day passes for people they know are traveling on various days. Even more important than that is to enter additional parameters. I would target elites who have layovers of longer than two hours, for example. Try to hit these people with an offer when they'll benefit the most.

So while I do like the idea here, I think the execution was lacking.