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Delta says service should be "near normal" as workweek begins

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NEW YORK -- Delta Air Lines said expected operations to return to normal Monday after thousands of delays and cancellations since powerful thunderstorms moved across Georgia and other states in the Southeast last week.

Delta spokesperson Michael R.Thomas told CBS News that, as of 3:30 a.m. EDT Monday, the carrier was “expecting a near-normal operation today. We currently have four cancellations in the system,” adding that normal for Delta means no cancellations.

Delta canceled another 150 flights Sunday as it tried to get back on schedule after the severe storms disrupted flights into and out of its hub in Atlanta.

Delta said Sunday afternoon its operations were stabilizing but there weren’t enough crews available to staff its flights, in part because of federal regulations on rest for crews. Delta advised travelers to check its website and mobile app and was offering waivers to help people rebook their flights without charge.

The airline canceled more than 3,000 flights since the storms hit, including 275 flights Saturday morning.

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