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Deer and bunny play like a real-life Bambi and Thumper, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a classic Disney animated film played out in reality and a musician shredding on an instrument most have never seen before.

In front of the Lula W. Dorsey Museum at the YMCA in Estes Park, Colorado, volunteers Steve and Vicky Johnsen witnessed what looked like Disney's Bambi and Thumper come to life. They captured the adorable scene on video and decided to share it with the world.

Ever heard of a "Chapman Stick?" It's an odd instrument -- a member of the guitar family, that's generally played by tapping on the strings. They've been around since the early 70s. The guy playing one so masterfully in the video below is Vince "Stikman" Warren of St. Petersburg, Florida. This performance won him the Solo Instrumental Video Challenge.

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