Debbie Gibson marries past and future with new music and "Rock of Ages" role

MILWAUKEE, WI - MARCH 10: Debbie Gibson attends the 2nd annual Grand Slam Charity Jam at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino on March 10, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Photo by Mike McGinnis/Getty Images)
Mike McGinnis

(CBS News) Debbie Gibson no longer has to enter the "Celebrity Apprentice" boardroom, but that doesn't mean she's done with  business.

The 41-year-old singer, who was fired from "The Celebrity Apprentice," earlier this month, spoke with from  inside New York's Culture Club. Closed for four years, the 1980s-themed dance club re-opened in midtown Manhattan last fall with Gibson at the helm as partner.

Gibson, who has her own memorabilia section at the Culture Club, says when she thinks of the '80s, several songs come to mind: A-Ha's "Take on Me," Madonna's "Holiday" and Deniece Williams' "Let's Hear it For the Boy."

Gibson, herself, is very familiar with the '80s, of course. It's the decade during which she first rose to fame, releasing her debut album, "Out of the Blue," in 1987. When "Foolish Beat" hit the top of the charts the following year, Gibson became the youngest person to write, produce and record a No. 1 single.

Fast forward 25 years -- the Long Island native, who now lives in Los Angeles, continues to record new music.

"The new album's virtually written," Gibson told "I just need to get out of the reality show press world and hibernate in a studio and record it."

She recently had to dub some vocals for an appearance in the upcoming film, "Rock of Ages," which hits theaters June 15.

"I'm basically a glorified extra," Gibson joked. "I got to spend three days side-by-side with Russell Brand, Sebastian Bach ... all of these amazing guys. I'm like the token rocker chick."

And going with the 1980s theme, Gibson's new accessory line features a "really funky fedora" -- an ode to her signature black hat.

Even with Gibson's various '80s-themed projects, it's clear she's looking forward, believing some of her best times may still be ahead.

"I look at women like Cher and Tina Turner, who really came into their prime in their 40s," Gibson said. "And people forget that. And 40 back then was like 50 is now. So I'm feeling more vital musically ... There's a marriage of my past and my future right now, and that's a cool place to be."

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