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Dear Carl (Blogger 2 Blogger)

Like many, I'd been curiously awaiting the long-delayed launch of your Icahn Report. But now that it's live, I hope you won't be offended by a bit of editorial and design advice -- all of which is given in a spirit of collegiality.

Six Ways to Improve Your Blog
1. Don't write in such long paragraphs, man. This is off-putting. Your paragraphs tend to be as long as many of my entire posts!

2. Work on your headline style & word choice. Three of your 1st posts are entitled "Absurdity of the Poison Pill;" "Absurdity of the Staggered Board;" & "Absurdity of Corporate Board Elections."

3. Hint: there are these very cool things called hypertext links. Try them!

4. Mix it up a bit, graphically. Throw in some bullets, italics, bold face -- anything to break up your text shpiels. (See top item.)

5. Interact with your readers. It looks like so far you have a few comments (hidden) but you haven't answered them. Plus, you've got no trackbacks, and little evidence that anyone who's visited your blog is still awake. Follow these simple guidelines, and maybe they'll start to stir.

6. Finally, use some photo-graphics, dude. I mean, the only photo on the whole gray page is of you! No offense, but you could at least add a Yahoo logo to every post, since that's pretty much the only company you're blogging about anyway.

Good luck, and please don't hesitate to let me know if this helps.

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